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What do you guys think of Ann Coulter calling John Edwards a faggot?

Personally, I think it's kinda funny (I wish she'd said gay, though- Faggot is a far more ugly word. Edwards does come off as being highly metro to me...) but everyone is sure up in arms about it..

And I'm not trying to stir the shit, I am just curious what people think...
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She didn't call him a faggot.

This whole thing is based out of interpretation and inference and not based on what she actually said. Going to cross-post my view in a second.
I haven't actually seen what she said... Just read the news reports on it..

and I know the press HATES her...
Well, it was rude. That's about the worst thing I can say, and honestly - this is what Ann does, mix really intelligent reasoned discussions with outrageous comments custom designed to make liberals go bonkers. Considering who it was aimed at, I'd say it was well deserved, especially given Edwards' employment and defense of two bloggers who made horribly offensive and malicious remarks.

Interestingly, Edwards' first reaction was to put out an email to his supporters which boiled down to 'she insulted me, send me money.' Shows you where his priorities are.

It's always kind of intriguing - OK, I confess, it's getting annoying - when A insults B and then C demands that D apologize for it or 'distance themselves.' Ann, John, you two are supposed to be adults, settle this yourselves; it isn't anyone else's place to make or demand any remediation.