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Lord Narf-Um-What-Brain-Lumpford-Something-Shire

It's not what you think.

Ann Coulter didn't call anyone a faggot.

She made a joke; one that I bet most people didn't even understand (at least not fully).

Was she in any way linking John Edwards to the word faggot? Yes. So what's the uproar, that she made any reference to Edwards and homosexuality or her choice of terms? Did anyone even pay attention to the rehab part of the joke? Do they get what she was referencing? I'd never heard of it, so I doubt many others did.

Isaiah Washington, Dr. Burke on Grey's Anatomy, called a co-star a faggot in an argument, basically outed him. Washington has since gone into rehab for his behaviour (over a month ago, actually). To me, Coulter's joke was 80% noting how stupid it was to go to rehab for saying a word, 20% a jab at Edwards (which is what she DOES).

Even Fox News is mis-stating the story saying Coulter "referred to Democratic presidential hopeful John Edwards as a "faggot" during a speech Friday at a national conservative gathering." Coulter implied an association between Edwards and the word faggot. She basically said she'd have to say faggot to talk about Edwards, but that's not calling him one or saying that she'd have to call him one. Going that far is conjecture and inference. Now we're attacking people for what they're not saying, what we think they say, think they mean. That's bullshit.

Howard Dean has called on GOP Presidential candidates to denounce Coulter for it. Giuliani, McCain, even Romney, have issued statements through their campaign spokespersons to distance themselves from the matter. This is PC idiocy at its worst. Two kinds of people are getting on Coulter about it: the ones who already hate her and would scream over anything she does or says and the people trying to save face in public relations. We're so far entrenched into a society of demonizing people for being "insensitive" (read: not following a dictated line) that few people have a shred of integrity left in them to call a spade a spade, to be open and honest about things. The more you hide to avoid offending people, the greater risk you run OF offending them because you've dealt them all the cards, handed them the whole bloody deck. They tell you it's bad to say A, B and C, so you avoid saying them. Now they're going to attack you for D, E and F until you avoid those too. You're submitting to the will of others, to peer pressure, to mob rule. Stop it.
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Thanks for posting that.. I appreciate seeing it... and I do agree with you. The PC thought police is brutal.

I. Hate. Liberals.
Even Conservatives are going off on her
Yes.. I read that too..

but then, they don't want to be unpc these days either... You lose votes that way.
really? so I guess you hate me now.

call them leftists, call them socialists, call them freaks of nature, but when you call them liberals you insult true liberals.

the so-called modern liberal is nothing more than a socialist. the so-called modern conservative is nothing more than a fascist. they're each about the superiority and control of the state over the individual. Neither one of them gets to tell you how to behave.

a true liberal is for indivdiual freedom. to quote from Milton Friedman: "The nineteenth-century liberal regarded an extension of freedom as the most effective way to promote to promote welfare and equality; the twentieth-century liberal regards welfare and equality as either prerequisites of or alternatives to freedom."

either we're all free to choose or we're all screwed.
I'm sorry... I'm a canadian.. our Liberal party are the same as American Democrats, so I often interchange the words.

that's actually worse because your Liberal party not only misappropriates the word but can't get around using it.

a true liberal party would be more like our Libertarians here in the States. principled ideology is far more important than party labels anyway.
Why haven't you ever brought this up in my journal? I say quite often how liberalism makes me want to puke. Of course, when I say that, I damn well am talking about the extreme left/socialists.
I'd have to imagine that, topically, either I did once upon a lifetime ago, or at least know I've put it in mine, so I know you know where I'm coming from. Conversely, I know where you're coming from too, so I don't make a thing out of it. In the end, I'd tire of bringing it up each time you use the word, especially when I know I don't have to.
I guess that makes sense.
Excellent commentary, very much appreciated, especially by those of us outside the US who are at a bit of a cultural disadvantage, shall we say.
I like how the left makes comments like "she should be shot".

As for Ann, I think she could have made her point without using the word "faggot". But it is, however, her freedom to use that term.
But it is, however, her freedom to use that term.

Yes it is Hammer :-)
Good points, all. And thanks for putting up the clip. I'll add it to my youtube faves and post it around.

For the record, I was a major Coulter fan before her "faggot" comment and I remain a major Coulter fan now. I don't think she did or said anything wrong. At. All.

The "left" says and does far worse all the time and never gets called on it. We need more on our side with the cajones to be as outspoken as Ann.
Liberals are trying to compare Ann's comment to John Kerry's "botched joke" about the troops intelligence. The flaw in this argument? Absolutely no one thought that John Kerry's "botched joke" was funny. If you listen to the video of Ann's joke, you can plainly hear the audience laughing. To anyone with the desire to actually read the transcript or view the video (which evidently precludes liberals) - it's clear that Ann's comment was a joke (and a clever one at that playing off of the whole Gray's Anatomy controversy).