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Baby Killers!'s another story of those evil American baby-killers over in Iraq. How dare this man bring a disabled Iraqi boy here for fantastic medical care and then adopt him?! Ugh - those terrible American troops. They make me sick. (/end sarcasm)

GI Saves Iraqi Boy in Long-Shot Adoption

Capt. Scott Southworth knew he'd face violence, political strife and blistering heat when he was deployed to one of Baghdad's most dangerous areas. But he didn't expect Ala'a Eddeen.

Ala'a was 9 years old, strong of will but weak of body - he suffered from cerebral palsy and weighed just 55 pounds. He lived among about 20 kids with physical or mental disabilities at the Mother Teresa orphanage, under the care of nuns who preserved this small oasis in a dangerous place.

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