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First post!

Hi everyone. I'm Rachel, an ultra-conservative junior in a CALIFORNIAN high school (yes, I know. I feel sorry for me too), and this is my first post here. (God, I have a huge rant about how the public schools are basically indoctrinating all the students and basically brainwashing them into thinking that liberals=good and conservatives=the most unedumakated red necks in the whole freakin' country... but I'll save that for another post.)

I was just watching this video:

I honestly don’t understand why people say Ann Coulter is an “Anti-Semitic”. She’s not advocating the wiping out of millions of Jews, she simply spoke on behalf of her religion. I must agree that it was a pretty radical and extreme statement but–come on! Ann = Hitler? Don’t they think they’re taking it a bit too far? I also understand that "Anti-Semitic" doesn't always mean "KILL ALL THEM JEWS" but, that's how the public is going to interpret this man's comment.
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